My idea of a perfect picture is one that captures the personality of my subject. I strive to document real moments that happen everyday but are almost never caught on “film”.  I am often told by my clients that I captured the emotion of the moment.

So I will be asking you to look at each other, hold hands, hug, kiss, share jokes and take walks.  I will most likely not ask you to look at the camera.  I also try to keep a light and relaxed atmosphere to maintain a level of comfort for everyone.  If we need to take a break, we take a break.

Each session is customized, so prior to your session we will talk about what it is that you are looking to get out of the session. What photos are most important to you? Where and how would you like to display the pictures? Is there a particular location you would like to use? I want this to be a great experience for the whole family!

As far as location for the shoot, I prefer to photograph with natural light in the family’s natural environment, where everyone is most comfortable and can be themselves, whether it’s home, a favorite park or the beach.