The Howell 4

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I had first photographed the Howell Family last year in April.  The two oldest had their First Holy Communion and mom wanted to commemorate the event and update the family portrait as well.  This year, it was the third child’s turn.

For this session, it would only be the kids (but I did get mom in for a few, since it was so close to Mother’s Day).

These four are so much fun to work with!  I also know them on a personal level as my kids are classmates with two of the four, so I had a few things planned for them that I knew they would be up for, like walking through a creek and sitting a log.  We actually ended up going to two different locations in order for me to capture all of the images that I had envisioned for this session.

IMG 050

IMG 051

IMG 052

IMG 058

IMG 059

IMG 061

IMG 062

IMG 064

IMG 065

IMG 066

IMG 067


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