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Sam’s mom called me and said, “ok, its time for a photo session”.  I have known Sam’s parents for a while, so I was very honored when his mom called to schedule the session.  She had been taking Sam’s pictures since he was born (and she has a great eye), but since he was almost 18 months old, she thought that it was time to try something different.

We bounced around a few ideas for location, overall goals for the session as well as outfit choices.  We were all set.

A few days prior to the session, while driving past this one field with beautiful sprawling yellow flowers, I kept having this one image pop into my head of a child, a hat and sunshine in those beautiful flowers.  So even though we had agreed on our main location, I had asked Sam’s mom if we could make a secondary stop – and she and Sam were up for it!

I loved photographing Sam, I had a great time chasing him around and being silly with him.  He gave me some amazing shots and helped me realize that vision that I had in that beautiful field of golden flowers.