Cheryl’s Family

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Cheryl and I go way back.  We used to work together on Wall St.  We also have a bond that will never go away – 9/11.

After several years of not seeing each other, I ran into Cheryl at the grocery store of all places.  We reconnected and she was happy to hear that I was following my passion and was working at a photographer full time.  Soon after, Cheryl had booked her first family session with me.  Some time had passed after the session, but once in a while Cheryl would post pictures from her session on her FB page.

The next time that Cheryl had contacted me, it was to schedule an extended family session that would include her mother and sister.

Spring had not been kind to us in NJ.  It took a while for things to warm up, and when it wasn’t chilly, it was cold and rainy.  That was the forecast for the eve of our session, but after much deliberation and weather checking, we decided to proceed.  We were very lucky!!!  Other than it being a little chilly and the 10 minutes when it was dazzling and very windy, the session went off without a hitch!

We made sure that we took every picture combination possible, oh and that we had lots of fun!