A Snowy Maternity Session

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This was my first time meeting and working with Laura & Matt.  Because of her due date, when Laura and I were discussing the session, we knew that it would be in the dead of winter and we were both hoping for snow.  Initially it wasn’t looking great as we were experiencing a heat wave, but a few days before the session, we got lucky – very lucky!  It was the snow storm of the season!  It set records in NJ – a total of 29 inches of snow covered the western side of NJ like a magnificent blanket.

On the day of the session I had driven to the location and decided to change it.  Although everything look beautiful and was still covered in snow, the snow had begun to melt and most of the areas where we would be shooting had become too muddy.  I called one of my friends, who owns a farm just down the road from me and where I had photographed in the past, and asked if I could “stop by”.  My friend knows exactly what that means and of course he said yes.  I quickly drove through the farm to figure out which portions we could use for the session.

Laura and Matt were amazing to photograph and we got some amazing pictures!  Laura was a rockstar!  I had purchased a maternity gown a few weeks prior as well as some accessories for the gown and although the temperature had dropped significantly, Laura was still game to put the gown on, smile and pose perfectly for me!

IBR 100

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