So long 2014, it’s been great, Hello 2015!

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As I sit in front of my computer this evening, a place where I have spent the bulk of my time since mid September, I realized that my last blog update was in min October!  These last few months have amazing and crazy at the same time.  Amazing because I was booked every minute of every weekend and crazy because when I wasn’t shooting, I was editing.  I had no time for anything else.  To make it up to my family for being MIA since September,  I had planned on taking off the last two weeks of 2014 for a much needed break and to catch up on the rest of my life.   That break (figurative and literal) came in the form of an early morning fall down the stairs which resulted in a broken scapula bone – say it with me – ouch!  I needed a break, but not this kind of a break!

Thankfully I have an amazing family, my parents came and stayed with us for a week and helped my husband take care of me and the kids as I recuperated.

During my recuperation, I had A LOT OF TIME to think (that’s all I was allowed to do), and reflect on 2014 and plan for 2015.  2014 was a fantastic year for me – personally and professionally.  Although it ended with some bumps and bruises it was a year full of learning, trying new things, remembering the basics and success.  I look to top all of that in 2015! (minus the broken bones). First order of business is to update the site/blog with the images of all of the amazing families I had the pleasure of photographing in the fall.  Second – I will be introducing a new session option in the next few weeks.  Lastly, I will begin offering monthly photography tips.

So stay tuned, check in, follow me on instragram (imagesbyrita) and visit my FB page.

Here is to all of the possibilities that a new year brings!

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